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BenQ Corporation (/ˌbɛn ˈkjuː/; 明基電通股份有限公司) is a Taiwanese company engaged in the production of computer technology and electronics. In 2007, the company announced changes in Qisda («Quality Innovation Speed ​​Driving and Achievements»). Under the brand BenQ will be released mobile phones, laptops Joybook, monitors and some drug products, and again created Qisda zaymёtsya proizvodstvom JK-monitors, multifunctional peripheral devices and OEM-production. With this brand BenQ will be fully attached to Qisda. Vvedenie novoy torgovoy marki ne predusmatrivaetsya. According to him, the division of business companies into OEM / ODM-business (production of complete components and products for foreign trade brands) and brand-business (sales of products under the brand BenQ).

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