Macroscop in banking.


Tasks and implementation of projects

What tool allows you to find the left objects in the office without having to look at the camera around the clock? How to control compliance with internal regulations at the bank office? And how to check the work of staff at night?

Macroscop, a Russian manufacturer of video surveillance software, will help solve these and other tasks. One of the latest Macroscop implementation cases was video analytics for a bank.

Thanks to Macroscop, the bank managed not only to increase the level of general security in its offices, but also to solve business problems thanks to intelligent video surveillance modules:
1. For ATM areas, the Abandoned Objects Detector Module has been selected. Using this module allows not only to quickly detect items left by bank visitors, but also to detect people sleeping in rooms with ATMs at night
2. In the store of values, the Tracking Module on neural networks was used. According to internal regulations, at least two people must always be in the bank's premises - a client and a bank employee. Thanks to this module, video system operators could monitor compliance with internal regulations by bank employees.
3. Also, to improve the efficiency of employees, the Personnel Activity Control Module was chosen. Analytics in this case helps to control the work of security guards at night and in critical areas. This automation made it possible to reduce the cost of the payroll fund for the employees of the monitoring center.
Among other things, Macroscop helps to solve such problems in the banking sector as:
• counting the number of visitors to your office (average traffic per branch of the bank)
• receiving and displaying checks from POS-terminals and ATMs, searching for transactions and archive fragments for various purposes
• movement of suspicious persons in the area of the office or branches
• quality control of customer service (due to the recording of negotiations, meetings and interviews)
• organization of automated control of access of people and vehicles to office premises
• immediate notification of the video surveillance system to the monitor, video wall, phone or e-mail about any emergency factor

Macroscop develops professional software for video surveillance systems. Convenient software from Eocortex is also suitable for large systems due to a large number of integrated solutions with most well-known access control systems and security systems on the market, as well as functions such as archive duplication and backup, floating licensing, REST API and many others.

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