The new version is already available for users on

Macroscop 4.0 - Full power!

The new version is already available for users on

The long-awaited update of Macroscop convenient video surveillance software is already available to users - and completely free of charge. This is one of the most technologically advanced versions of Eocortex software - new functions have been introduced, while the load on server hardware has been reduced.

What new items will you see?
• Work with the software has become many times faster! The speed of searching for objects and the speed of building reports on the search for license plates and people - up to 10 times!
• Reduced the load on the RAM up to 8 times, while increasing the responsiveness of the interface up to 10 times.
• You can also use up to two times as many cameras with the Face Recognition module on the same hardware
New functions already in Eocortex 4.0:
• Watermark: to keep your footage safe and know where the footage is leaked
• New functions of the fragment mode: viewing and downloading of video fragments has become even more convenient thanks to a single video
• New module from Macroscop! Count different types of objects: people, animals, different types of transport
• Implemented a smooth transition to a new database - Postgre. Thanks to the transition to the new database, Macroscop will be able to implement more useful functions for users that affect interaction with the database and the archive subsystem.