Macroscop announced a month of free product testing


Macroscop, a video surveillance software vendor, has announced the full functionality of its product for a month free of charge.

Macroscop provides a test key for a period of 30 days. During this time, users can try any functionality of Eocortex on real objects without restrictions on cameras. All Eocortex licenses are included in this special offer. The main condition for participation is the provision of object data - its name and actual address.

Here are a few advantages that play a significant role in choosing the software of this brand for projects.
• Eocortex contains more than 20 intelligent video analytics modules that help solve a wide range of tasks: maintain customer loyalty, optimize costs, organize automatic access to the territory, monitor compliance with labor protection rules, and much more.
• Macroscop supports integration with more than 200 brands and 8,000+ camera models, access control systems, and fire alarm systems. This expands the functionality of security systems, makes management more convenient, and increases the responsiveness to events.
• Eocortex provides separation of rights for different levels of administration with configuration options.
• The world's first virtual assistant Eva, which shows images from cameras, works with a database of faces, provides reports on the status of the video system, is included in all Eocortex licenses. Also, the Macroscop user can quickly receive the necessary information from his video system in instant messengers.

Eocortex recommends paying special attention to face and license plate recognition smart modules, smoke and fire detector, unique visitor counting, as well as episode archive and system status monitoring.

Get MACROSCOP software for a month!