Plus 2% to the average check using video surveillance


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Webinar "Plus 2% to the average bill using video surveillance"

On October 6, at 11:00 Moscow time, the webinar "Plus 2% to
average check using video surveillance ", organized by Macroscop and
NLB. Guest Experts Will Discuss How Computer Vision Helps
retailers to effectively manage retail outlets, and share
real results of using video analytics in offline trading.

Retail is one of the most active users of smart
video surveillance. Digitalization of business processes allows
optimize the costs of maintaining stores, minimize losses from
theft, increase the average check and improve the quality of service

The use of video analytics has a tangible financial impact.
Macroscop experts will share the results of using such IT products
(vendor of software for video surveillance systems) and NLB
(developer, supplier and integrator of complex solutions in the field of systems
security and automation).

Online seminar “How to use video surveillance in retail to increase
revenue by 1% and average check by 2%? " will take place on Wednesday, October 6 at 11:00 a.m.
Moscow time.

Participation in the event is free. 

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