Face recognition in a mask. New version of Macroscop


Updated video analytics in the new version of Macroscop 3.4

Evaluate the improved information search in the video archive with the ability to classify objects and the new functions of the Macroscop face recognition module in the new version 3.4. Video analytics is more accurate and faster. The update is free for all software users.

Search for objects in the video archive

Object search is a logical continuation of the interactive search module. Its functionality has become much wider: now users can not only find objects by signs, but also pre-classify them according to the following types:

 - human;
 - vehicle (cars and trucks, buses, two-wheeled vehicles);
 - other objects to search for (weapons, bags, suitcases, animals).

Investigate incidents, find forgotten things, resolve controversial situations with a quick and accurate search for information in the Macroscop video archive.

For users of video systems based on Macroscop ST and older, the module update is available free of charge.

Masked Face Recognition

The Complete Face Recognition module now more accurately identifies faces covered with medical masks. Its work has been optimized, and the ability to set scenarios for the system's actions when people with or without a mask are detected: notification, mark in the event log, etc. has been added. By default, this option is disabled, you can activate it in the module settings.

Recognition of faces turned away from the camera

Face recognition turned away from the camera is another new option available after optimizing the Complete Face Recognition module. Activate it in the module settings to identify the people that the cameras "see" in the profile.

Note that the accuracy of recognizing "open" faces remains higher than the accuracy of recognizing faces turned away from a CCTV camera.

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